NOS Energy Drink Review

NOS Energy DrinkI have to admit I put off writing a NOS energy drink review. In large part, my reluctance was due to the unattractive bottle that seems to mimic an oxygen tank. The market strategy was to name NOS energy drinks after a type of nitrous oxide system used to make import cars faster. The implication is NOS Energy Drink will make the consumer faster, too.

The name is a gimmick and the packaging is overly themed. The question is, if you buy NOS energy drinks, do they provide the energy they promise?   The NOS ingredients rely on caffeine, taurine and ginseng to provide a kick of energy. Nothing new there though the 260 mg of caffeine should be enough to restore alertness.

I found only a citrus flavor available. The taste was nothing like Red Bull but there was something that tasted “off”. Perhaps it is the sweetness of the drink or an aftertaste of the taurine but this is not an energy drink you would use as a mixer.

The kick provided by NOS energy drink is great and lasted over three hours. The energy wore off gradually rather than causing a sharp crash as some energy drinks do. Though I like the energy level provided, the taste put me off. If you are going to buy NOS energy drinks I suggest you drink them straight from the container. If you pour it into a glass you might not want to drink it as it doesn’t look or smell inviting.

The taste did not grow on me and combined with the cutesy container NOS energy drink will never become a favorite. I might score it higher based on the great energy burst provided but I’d rather find energy and taste in one bottle. I give it a 5.5 on a scale of 10.

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