Full Throttle Energy Drink Review

Full Throttle Energy DrinkWhen I set out to conduct a Full Throttle Energy Drink review, I was struck by two things. One, it’s owned by Coca Cola. Full Throttle benefits from the wide distribution of the well known bottling company. And two, even so, convenience stores in my locale carry only one variety of Full Throttle energy drink.

The can blueprint of Full Throttle is attractive with a flame design and with vivid can colors to represent various flavors of the concoction. Several original formulations for this energy brand have been discontinued since it was first introduced in 2005. As the flash website featuring the product line has been replaced with a “coming soon” message, I wonder if Coca Cola is preparing to re-introduce the Full Throttle energy drink line.

Like Red Bull and several other energy drinks, Full Throttle energy drink ingredients list taurine, ginseng and caffeine. As might be expected of popular Coca Cola products, the taste of the flagship product isn’t bad at all. The citrus flavor of Full Throttle Fury has a taste similar to Fanta Orange drink with a hint of lime.

Full Throttle seems to be an energy drink with an identity crisis. Originally targeted at a 20-30 year old male market, this drink doesn’t have the high doses of caffeine of many similar energy products.

It’s possible those who buy Full Throttle Energy Drinks do so because the taste is similar to other regular Coke products as the energy burst is more like a speed bump from this product. I had no problems with shakiness or nervous energy after consuming a can of Full Throttle. To the contrary, I felt no more energy than if I had gulped down a couple regular Cokes in quick succession.

Perhaps the best selling product in the Full Throttle lineup is the energy shot that is listed as “Blue Agave” flavor. Although the bottle appears larger than other energy shot products, the contents are the same 2 oz as other brands.

The taste of the Full Throttle energy shot is not the pleasant fruity flavor of the energy drink. Chug this one fast and reach for something to wash the medicinal taste from your mouth. I can’t see this energy shot as being a best seller as the energy rush is mild and not much more than a cup of strong coffee. It will wake you up if you’re nodding off but won’t provide a rush of energy to help you get things done.

I like the taste of Full Throttle energy drink but the low level energy boost isn’t likely to motivate me to buy it over a cheaper Coca Cola drink. I give it a 6.7.

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