5 Hour Energy Drink Review

5 Hour Energy DrinkNo 5 Hour Energy Drink review can avoid stating one fact. This stuff tastes horrible. Perhaps if I had read the tiny print on the tiny bottle I would have known to shake the contents thoroughly before drinking – my bad. A mouthful of nasty crystals at the bottom of the bottle was enough to wake me up.

This may be the most over-hyped energy drink product available. 5 Hour Energy Drink ingredients are B vitamins, amino acids and several other “naturally occurring energy sources” that are the same listed on other energy products. The inclusion of Niacin (B3) has led some consumers to complain of skin flush and a feeling of heat which is a rather common side effect of Niacin. It’s possible that quick reaction in those less sensitive to B3 is what makes people think they are having immediate effects from this energy shot.

The first time I tried 5 Hour Energy Drink I had just eaten lunch and felt little effect from the product. I did feel more alert during the afternoon hours but it didn’t amount to any rush of energy. On my second try, I shook the bottle well and drank it before eating. The second time I felt the flush of heat slightly and felt a gradual increase in energy over the next hour. The energy did seem to last for several hours but 10 hours after using the product I had problems getting to sleep.

The big attraction of 5 Hour Energy is the low calorie count and the placement of the product at checkout registers in convenience stores which helps make it an impulse buy.

Those who buy 5 Hour Energy drinks on a regular basis claim it works well for them. At the same time there are many complaints that the products causes “jitters” or shaking hands and an uncomfortable increase in heart rate. The caffeine content is less than 140mg but for someone not accustomed to using caffeine it would produce a stronger reaction than in someone who consumes caffeine daily.

Many of the results claimed seem to me to rely on fulfilling expectations rather than on the effect of the product itself. I wouldn’t buy it again just due to the taste and for that reason I give 5 Hour Energy Drink only a 5 on a scale of 10.

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